A Few Changes…

for the bald kid.

My cute, faraway boy has a new companion. His name is Elder Johnson and he is—get this–bigger than the bald kid! This is highly unusual news.

This boy of mine is used to being the absolute giant–since he was a kid. In fact, years ago, he was handed the keys to a mini van at a youth activity and told to “take that group of boys home.”

His reply?

“Dude, I’m twelve. I brought my skateboard.”

It will be nice for him to look someone straight in the eye–at last.

Another change–he has left his beloved town of Tomck and moved to a different–much bigger city that he calls, “Krasno.” No idea how to spell what it’s really called. He says they get lost quite a lot and have to ask for directions.

Now, he lives in one of these random little “doms” in this very big complex…thirteen hours away–from his last town.

But the biggest change of all is that the temperature is dropping and it’s been snowing for about a week now. He looks kind of cold–poor guy. And wait, are those dark circles under his eyes?

He promises me that he’ll be going out this week to buy some nice, warm boots and a big, cozy fur hat. Hurry boy–hurry!

Your silly mama needs to know that you are safe, and healthy, and happy and warm.

Then all will be well in my heart.

Oooh, I miss you my boy.

7 Replies to “A Few Changes…”

  1. It’s okay to miss, but not to want him anywhere else than where he is 🙂 What wonderful experiences he is having. And I’m pretty sure those aren’t dark circles just poor lighting – he’s being watched after by the perfect care giver – there’s great comfort in knowing that when we send those we dearly love so so far away.

  2. Glad to see all is well in Russia. Rhen is cool, and I can totally see him saying, “dude..I brought my skateboard.” Haha! That is cool that he has a taller companion. That must be so weird for him. Fun to hear updates. It’s always nice to hear how his mission’s going even if we don’t see you guys much. LOVE YOU!

  3. I agree with Tracy — it’s so nice to see updates on how he is doing! Those are such great pictures – he always has such a nice, happy smile 🙂 You’ll have to tell him we love him and he’s in our prayers every night!

  4. Man I love that kid! 🙂 We’re praying every day that he stays warm and safe! I’m glad he’s working so hard AND having a great time. I bet he’ll love this new area just as much as his last one. He’s the best!

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