Winter Warmth

Three years ago, today–the world…well, my world at least, was covered over with bits of yarn and crochet projects in every room of the house. Some were for Christmas, some were for the new baby coming, and some were because there must be something on that silly hook–at. all. times. The project for this day, back then, was a pair of warm and toasty slippers for my Dane in Lithuania. It has always fascinated me how much warmth can be created from a piece of colored string.

Not too much is different these days–only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. There are bits of yarn everywhere–to be sure, and slowly progressing projects in every room–as always. Various hats and scarves for Christmas gifts, soap bags and Toddler Winter sets for the shop, and because I can’t help myself–there will be more slippers…big, huge ones this time, for the Bald Kid in Siberia–out of thick, bunchy wool, I think.

Soon enough, we’ll be nesting again and finding all the ways there are to keep a winter baby warm and snugly.

I think—quite certain, in fact, that it will involve a few balls of colored string.

3 Replies to “Winter Warmth”

  1. I love it when you make huge slippers for the Bald Kid! 🙂 The crocheted high tops are the best thing you’ve EVER created! 😀 Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

  2. your post made me remember the coveted mittens knitted or crocheted with extra bits of wool/yarn worked in as you needle your way thru the project. always to the inside of what you are making, they ‘ball’ up after washing and look quite fleece-y. read this in a book and now cannot recall the term used for this type of thing-frugal, as is would use up the scraps and not waste anything, and highly sought after in frigid climes . maybe this is done in northern ireland or scotland–maybe the sleep fairies will jiggle the term forward in my brain as I sleep and I will recall this in the morning. Jen

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