10 Replies to “A Bit of Green…”

  1. You silly girl. You’ve got to see the Bald Kid’s get-up today. He looks like an elf…I mean Leprechan.

    It’s soooo cool.

  2. Oh, I’m sooooo glad! I hope it fits him. If he needs me to adjust the beard–bring it back and I’ll fix it. I could maybe tighten up the bottom or something. I want to make another one for the Bald kid and for Beckham and Jacob. It will be so funny.

    Is he wearing it to work?

  3. He works from home, but he’s going to wear it… he’s also gonna wear it to class, even gymnastics! I showed it to a friend and he wants you to teach him how to make a snowboarding hat with a beard, or he could just buy one. Anyway it’s awesome!

  4. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Baby Chomp and I are wearing green for sure!!! Now we just need to find all the green treats and eat them all! 😉

  5. Oh man!! I LOVE that costume thing on the bald kid!! That is SO FREAKING SWEET!!!

  6. You know–you could find green apples, or celery, or lettuce or asparagus too. But I admit the treats are pretty dang fun too. The bald kid and I had Mint Brownie Blast pie–all for the green cause. Yum!


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