St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Blocks

Every year, we try to make at least one new decoration for a some of the more laid back holidays. You know us–any reason to celebrate something…anything, and we love it.

Here’s an easy little St. Patrick’s Day piece that will take all of about 20 minutes to make–but you just feel free to keep it forever. How about that?

Take five wooden blocks–any size you like…I used 1 inch–but any size will work.

Paint them all different shades…

of green–of course.

We found some pretty little gold stickers that were just perfect for attracting the right kind of  spirit for the day…so to speak. Last of all–we covered the blocks with a coat of Mod Podge.

Good luck everybody!

9 Replies to “St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Blocks”

  1. I’m SO making these. I just don’t have enough decorations for St.Patricks Day, and it’s my favorite holiday.

  2. Yeah, I had to scrounge around for a minute–but I found 4 different colors of green. We are a GREEN people.

    heh, heh

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