Funny Face

Now I know that these old photo machines are still around here and there—K-Mart, arcades,  and even as rentals for teen parties—but back in my day they served a difference purpose other than just goofy entertainment.

Do you youngsters realize that before the fabulous digital camera age–you know, where you point and shoot and then just delete the ugly stuff–these little booths were really the only places that the common folk could get a picture taken and take it home right now. No waiting for a week or so to have them developed and hoping for the best. Of course they came in that funky strip but it was wonderfully fast so you just learned to take the good with the…

not so good.


Lucky for all y’all April was one cute baby…

or this would have been a very uncomfortable post…


one of us.

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  1. Ha Ha! funny how things have changed- my kids laugh at me when I tell them I remember when we first got a tv when I was little- and how I thought I was really lucky to get a microwave when Sami was a baby- and that sucker cost $700! oh gosh- the firsts that we have seen!! I feel like a dinosaur!
    Very cute pictures by the way!

  2. …and those microwaves back then were as big as the freezer too. Huge! Too funny. We don’t even have one anymore- they are just too scary.
    We had a black and white TV for years–and I still have a record player…that works!

  3. Seriously? It’s so weird, but I can see it in some of her other pictures, but not as much after she got married. Interesting.

  4. I never actually show people that last one because I look like I’m on crack or something. But–I had to now because that was the whole point.

    Glad you can relate!

  5. I love these photo booths!!! They are SOOO much fun and there’s still a fun appeal about instantly having the pictures in hand! I don’t think the picture is that bad! :p I’ve never seen them before… I like them! 😀

  6. I didn’t know that!!! 😀 How fun!!! They rent one out at PartyLand, so there was one at the Christmas party and we had a blast with it! *:D*

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