Crocheted Fabric Caddies

There’s a perfectly good reason why I was A.W.O.L. yesterday–and I’ll show it to you.

Ta-DA! I trust me when I say that these little cuties kept me quite busy–all the live-long day.

It was all for a noble cause too. You see, April and I decided a few weeks ago to enter the Moda Bake Shop Sliced Contest.

I think they might have had some sort of quilting project in mind, but you know me. If I can find a way to crochet something, I’ve just got to do it. Then, suddenly there were all these strips of fabric in front of me…

and one great, big blue hook with absolutely, positively nothing to do.

Now, there’s a chance that the judges will look at my sweet little caddies and say, “What the heck–this chick crocheted our fabric! What was she thinking?”

Well, I’ll tell you what I was thinking. I was thinking that there were already a ton of people sewing with their fabric, but no one else in the contest, as far as I could tell, was goofy enough to try this approach.

Oh, I do hope that’s a good thing. In fact, I hope that they love these sweeties so much that they say, “These are exactly what we are looking for! Come and let us give you 10 million dollars, and a trip to Paris!!”

Yeah…that would be nice.

Ummm…perhaps I have this contest mixed up with something else.

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  1. These are so completely beautiful! I love the texture it adds to your projects to have them crocheted, instead of sewn. šŸ™‚ Whether you win are not… I think these are the best! šŸ˜‰

  2. Oh my goodness!!! These are SO cute!!! I think my favorite one is the one with handles, but they are all darling! I love the little “belt” on the one holding your crochet hooks! Good luck to you — I think this is very clever!

  3. Love it!!! They are crazy if they don’t give you 10 million and a trip to Paris. It is so unique!! Crazy genius!! I want the pin cushion!!!! You and April are so darn creative!! I love seeing April on the Moda Sweetshop site and now I will see you too!!!!! And then your pictures from Paris!!

  4. I’m dying to get my hands on some of these ingenious patterns and instructions. These are adorable and I can’t even say which one is the most clever..

  5. Yeah, I’ve only gotten one or two comments so maybe they won’t even be what the judges wanted, but I had a good time. :}

  6. I positively love the little tumbler for the crochet hooks. It’s really fun to hold because it feels kinda cool. :}

  7. MARY JO!!!! So good to hear from you! I miss you terribly!
    I’ll tell you what–if somebody ever gives me 10 million dollars–for any reason AT ALL–I’ll take everybody to Paris and we’ll really have a vacation. Wouldn’t that be the life?

  8. Well, I guess we’ll see on way or the other by Sunday or Monday. You should see April’s entry. Holy COW! Now her’s is a beautiful thing. I hope she’ll post it on her blog soon. You’ll see. :}

  9. Oh I LOVE these!!! :o) positively gorgeous! Think a basket made like that would be sturdy enough to hold a newborn for a photo???? Like a bassinet almost?? Ohhhh-….

  10. @Launi, Yes, I would love it!! I have a sister in law in Paris who would be more than happy to be our guide!!! I can’t wait to see Aprils quilt. On another note!! I am going to a quilting class making a little red barns quilt to hang on the wall. It is tough and not perfect but I am enjoying!! I miss you too. One of these days I wish to come and visit you all. Things have been a bit busy these days with family crisis, but everyone is doing well now. Now I have to catch up on work, though I would rather be quilting all day everyday!!!

  11. I’m working on writing the pattern down. It’s new territory for me so it’s a bit slow going. Sorry. The strips of fabric are from a Moda Jelly Roll of fabric that I cut in half horizontally.

  12. Thank you for pointing me to the fabric! I’m pretty good at crochet, but will wait and see if you figure out te pattern! I really love the basket with the handle!! I know you said you used a big hook, but do you know what size it was? I’m going to order some fabric and play around with this! Thank you for all your great ideas, love your site!

  13. I just found your web site and I love the crocheted caddies. If you posted the patterns, where can I find them. Thank you.

  14. I am still working on the pattern and since I’m new to pattern writing, I’m afraid it’s taking longer than I’d hoped. But be brave–I’ll get it on there soon. :}

  15. Hi, I just saw your caddies on the Moda site, and I have that line of fabric (isn’t it great?!) I wish I had been a judge in that contest – you would have my vote! Anyway, patiently waiting for the patterns for these wonderful caddies! šŸ˜€

  16. Such a clever idea…love it! I am just starting to learn to crochet, have made one scarf…would love to make these caddies. Are they for an experienced crocheter? Do you have the pattern finished yet?

  17. Just found your site. The caddies are delightful! Do you have the patterns available?

  18. Working on it after Quilt Market this month. I’ve never really written patterns before so it’s slow going for me. Sorry. I’m getting better…I swear.

  19. Absolutely Adorable! A Must Make!!! I’ve got some jelly rolls already cut. What a wonderful way to blend my two obsessions.
    Thank you

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