True Comfort

After working for the past couple of weeks on the Moda Contest projects every spare moment and at last–at last, having it all behind me (phew!), I set out today to just kinda…you know…loaf around a bit. It felt lovely to not actually have anything in my hands that needed to be worked on or finished.

Then I had the overwhelming urge to make something but wasn’t quite sure what. I puttered out to the garage and ground up some wheat flour in case the craving went that direction. How about cookies? I thought.

But then I realized that Jillian had that area covered with a batch of Oatmeal Farm Cookies. So again, I wandered around waiting for the food inspiration fairies to come at me.

Before I knew what was happening, there were whole wheat pancakes on the stove just waiting to be my comfort food of choice.

Ummmmm….Applesauce, and whipped cream besides. Apparently, I need a ton of comfort today.

You know, it’s quite likely that I would be as thin as a rail if I just didn’t like food so much. HA!

Then without even realizing what I was doing, the baby’s ripple was on my lap and I’d fallen right back into the warm, soothing, rhythmic, handiwork of this lovely thing. I’d thought that perhaps I wouldn’t be able to pick up a hook at all for a while, but that just never seems to be the case around here.

In fact, for me there’s more gentle comfort in sitting back with a hook and ball of yarn and just letting my fingers do what they mindlessly do–for the heck of it–than in nibbling on a whole, entire plate of pancakes. How lucky is it that I was able to do…


Heh, heh.

Isn’t life good?


3 Replies to “True Comfort”

  1. Mmmm, those look yummy (the pancakes I mean 😉 I need to do applesauce on my pancakes — I’d feel a whole lot better about eating them! Plus yours were whole wheat – your body NEEDS whole grains, right!?

  2. YES! Positively right. They are actually very good for you…and whipped cream IS from the milk group. Heh, heh.

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