So Much Love

Back from their honeymoon–at last, at last, the kids (oooh…can I call them kids?) came home and invited us to their wedding-gift-opening night.

What may have looked like chaos to some, was in fact, a huge downpour of love, for these two sweethearts. And oh, my goodness–so much love from so many…

dear, sweet, beloved friends and family.

It was sincerely incredible to watch them be so showered on and see them be absolutely delighted. Such thoughtfulness from so many. In the end, I’ll admit, I was nearly speechless…

nearly.  :}

I do have one question though.

Who gave these guys permission to grow up…so fast?



3 Replies to “So Much Love”

  1. I know! Dane is still that sweet little boy in my mind. How nice it is to have so much love poured on you when you first get married. It makes things easier on the budget. Plus little Miss Jillian looks pretty happy too. 😉

  2. I still have their wedding card!! 😀 We all went to the store way back before the wedding and Kate wanted to carry the card out to the car. By the time we all got buckled in the card was no where to be found. 🙁 We found it a couple days ago in the back of the car, so I’ll get that to them soon! It’s still weird to imagine them married! They are adorable together, and I look forward to seeing what great things they do! P.S. I heard about grandma and grandpa at the temple. That is a cool story. 🙂 How fun to be the mom too, and get to watch your kids open their wedding things. MWA!

  3. They are so cute together! 🙂 I’m pretty happy for them! It’s weird that any of us are “grown-ups” Ha ha ha… time goes by really fast. Congrats to the happy couple from me too!

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