Flying Away

Please forgive my delay in posting…

I’ve been a bit distracted.

This is the day my friends. My boy–my itty-bitty boy…ok, not so itty-bitty, but still–is flying far, far away. He leaves today. He’s on a plane this very minute, in fact. First he’ll land in Atlanta, Georgia, then take a zillion hour flight to Moscow, then a six hour flight to Novosibirsk (Siberia). Once he’s there, he’ll receive his assignment and depending on where that assignment is he could have up to a 30 hour train ride to his new area. I know, I know…yikes.

It’s a big day for us–at home–because he got to call me from the airport, but much bigger for him because…well…because he’s the one who gets to do it all.

He sounded good and terrifically excited to get on to the next phase of this big adventure.

I was just happy to hear his voice.

Be well and safe and brave my sweet boy–and after all the jet lag…

email your mama.


2 Replies to “Flying Away”

  1. I was thinking about you all night last night. I am so glad you guys got to hear from him. He is going to do so good and be such an inspiration to hundreds!

  2. Launi,

    I know just how this feels, and I know how very difficult and emotionally overwhelming it can seem at times. I’m so excited for all of you! You need to keep a “Blessing Journal”. Start writing down every good thing that happens in your family, for the next 2 years…and you will be STUNNED! NO KIDDING! It’s so amazing, and wonderful, and when it’s finally over, and you’re reflecting, seriously…you will be speechless.

    Be well, and safe, and brave, my sweet little sister. And like everything else, “this too, shall pass”. I luv ya!

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