Wyoming’s Winding Roads

or is it Hawaii? I sometimes get them mixed up. ha. ha.

Road Trip–Day 2A

This little dolly is up bright and early because we are excited to get going…you see, we have found…

a real, honest to goodness farmer’s market–

with every kind of fruit and veggie that you could possibly imagine.

Hey they even had some guy roasting peppers in a big cagey thing. And I thought they did that in a frying pan.

Well, I did.

Breads, cake, jellies, jams, candy, jerky–I had no idea. Dude.

Apparently, I have never really been to a real farmer’s market.

I was totally taken in with this fancy Peanut Spread, and Blueberry Jam that you see here.

Then there was the huge loaf of Asiago Bread…and the Cinnamon Streusel. No picture. Sorry…ahhh…bears ate it all…


So after our cool little…ahhh…breakfast we realized that we needed to find a grocery store.

Let me introduce you to “Vikki” our GPS navigator. She’s brave and fearless and knows how to find absolutely everything. So we said, “Grocery Store” and she took us…

here. It’s supposed to be Safeway’s but if you look closely, you’ll see that the whole place is totally boarded up and abandoned. Perhaps we should have added, “…with people inside” to our request. Yikes.

Nevermind–we like the open adventurous road better anyway…

with all it’s trains…

and silos…

and cows.

Ever wonder where those fancy Angus Beef burger’s come from?ย  Let’s not talk about that right now.

Soon we came up on what is known as Chimney Rock. They say that a hundred years ago it looked much more like a chimney than it does now but time has marched across the old girl and now it looks like a big birthday cake with one huge candle.

For the earlier pioneers–it also marked the point in their journey, where the flat, rolling plains ended and the more rugged Rocky Mountains began. To be about halfway to Utah was wonderful, but now their trek got really gritty and dangerous.

And we whine about leg room in the car. Well, that, and having to travel with crazy people.


And some of our crew couldn’t possibly care less…about any of it.

Grammy will have to save the amazing history lesson for another day.

I can do that.

7 Replies to “Wyoming’s Winding Roads”

  1. I don’t think it is possible to get Hawaii mixed up with Wyoming! It looks like you are having an amazing time! I love to do the history lesson tours with my kids. They have fun and get to learn something interesting at the same time.

  2. When mine were little I would tell them stories about the pioneers or the famous people or do trivia about the place we were heading so that when we got there they would actually care. It worked out better than getting there after a long drive and having a tour guide drone on to a bunch of restless kids. For the most part…it still works.

  3. That peanut spread is so GOOD! Seeing the roads like that and all the cows makes me miss Kansas. Man I love that place!

  4. I had to chuckle at your lovely trip to the abandoned grocery store thanks to your gps. My dear father borrowed my sisters gps for our trip to Florida last month. Despite my sis saying print a map too, get an idea of where you’re going, and use the gps to help get there, he didn’t. (Men, sheesh!) So when all was said and done, my poor dad and mom had driven in circles hearing the gps state “recalculating” over and over again and never really getting anywhere. Suffice it to say, my sister was lucky that her gps didn’t end up on the side of the Floridian highway. lol

  5. Ohhh… I love how when you say crazy you put up a picture of me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ HA!!! Crazy isn’t a bad thing is it?!?

    Good old Vikki! ๐Ÿ˜› Ha ha ha! Stupid Non-Existent grocery store! Ha ha ha!

  6. My favorite thing is how irritated “Vikki” sounds when she says, “recalculating…” like she’d love to just reach through the dash and swat somebody. Sometimes we’d turn wrong on purpose just to irritate her. Now THERE’s irrational behavior.

    heh, heh.

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