Since this day was waaaay too big to take in one piece,

I give you…

Road Trip–Day 2B!

From Chimney Rock we packed our cute little selves up again and headed to our true destination. But first we still had to pass…

more corn fields…

and a million more trains. No, I’m not kidding.

These people are absolutely crazy about trains.

They LOVE them…

They want to MARRY them.

And if you’ve ever wondered where those sunflower seeds you eat actually come from…

ask us. We know.

At last, at last we see the sign that we’ve been searching all this time for!

Yes, my darlings here it is in all it’s glory!

CARHENGE!! In Alliance, Nebraska–some guy planted tons and tons of dead cars and wired them into the same configurations…

as Stonehenge…you know…the one in England…built by the Druids a million years ago.

Jillian is the only one of us who has actually seen the real thing…in real life. Even she was impressed.

The shorter folks were just thrilled to be turned loose in a big field and told to run.

What do you think? Crazy, huh?

Lyndi has wanted to go here since she was a pup. I guess all she had to do was marry a guy who was a good enough sport to actually take her there.

Some of the stacks looked precarious enough that they looked like they’d fall on our heads and squish us dead. But in reality–a place I don’t visit often–the cars are all carefully wired together.

I probably wouldn’t stand next to them in an earthquake, but they felt pretty solid to me.

Then there was a spooky old dinosaur made from spare parts. Ooooh looky. Dane’s sooo afraid.

Not me. I bring my own dinosaur with me wherever I go.

Ha! Go bald kid.

It was cool and amazing to look at and we never saw any Druids…

well, except this one.



Oh, and BTW– we did end up with a winner in the “Destination Quiz.”

jenna said:

my friend just told me about it from her last trip to omaha!

I’ll be sending you a marrrrvelous mug from Carhenge. Way to go!!

11 Replies to “Carhenge!!”

  1. Are you proud of me for not jumping into the guessing game and giving it all away (because I knew where you were headed all along)! One question though – was anybody else there seeing the spectacle? Kind of looks like you had the whole corn field to yourselves – so glad you’ve enlightened the rest of us about what we’re missing. I had never even heard of it before you told me where you were off to, how long ago was it created? We did the corn/sunflower field thing a few years back on our way to Kansas and then on to Nauvoo – I never got tired of looking at them either. We however, pulled all nighters (both ways) and missed some sights, like more corn and sunflower fields 🙂

  2. So fun! I still haven’t been brave enough to pack my 3 kids in the car and go for a road trip. Mostly because my girls get car sick. Yuck!

  3. WAY FUN!!!!! I’ve been waiting to see your photos of “CARHENGE”! What a crack up! Does Lyndi know how much hilarity she adds to our family? Man, I wish I could’ve come with you!

  4. Looks fun! I’ve never even heard of that before. Hope you guys had a great time, and that little Lilly is so freaking cute! 🙂

  5. Yes–I’m so proud of you deary. There weren’t very many people there, maybe a couple at the same time as us. It’s kinda out of the way…you know. I should know when it was created but alas–I don’t. Lyndi might though. They say a bunch of religious folks tried to get it torn down because of Stonehenge’s connection to the Druid’s. But you know–I just can’t get that deep with something. It is just a fascinating place to go.

  6. We wanted you to come sooo badly. NEXT time, for sure. You know…when we go find the World’s Largest Ball of Yarn or something. ha ha

  7. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Carhenge!!! *:D* I’m sooo glad that we went on our fun little road trip! 🙂 And… what’s this about Lily being a druid?!

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