10 Replies to “Wish You Were Here…”

  1. Holy moley, Launi–you are getting so skinny!
    just back from a birth that I actually missed–need to put a big note on this woman’s chart that when she calls and is unsure if the baby feels lower, or that her surges are only 30 sec. long—this means she will be done in about 45 minutes!!
    Everyone is just fine, the baby knew exactly what to do and so did mom and dad.
    Gotta love it.
    Looks like all you fans of Twilight had a very good time indeed.

  2. YAY!!! We had SOOO much fun and there were sooo many great people there! Almost makes me want to have a bigger theater next time so that more awesome people can come! 😉 But this was perfect… we could handle a crowd this size! 😀

    ON TO HARRY POTTER!!! ***:D***

  3. Oh, my–it was dang fun. Wish you could have been here. I nearly lost my voice for hollering. I’ll get a microphone next time.


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