16 Replies to “Dang. Fine. Fun.”

  1. I watched your countdown switch to 000:00:00:00 last night and got excited for you guys. Please do tell when you have more… awakeness 😉

  2. It was so fun! It is 10:41 and I am still NOT awake! I am so looking forward to nap time today. 😉

  3. Good Morning!! I just wanted to thank you, Lydni and the girls for such a fun time last night. You guys went to so much for work for all of us and it was sooooo appreciated!

  4. It was such a fun night last night! Thank you for all the fun and excitement!!! My husband really missed out when he decided not to come :). I am going online to all of the vendors and saying thank you for all the fun items they donated.

  5. Whoo Haw! Sounds like everyone had a blast–good job to all of you that spent hours organizing everything. I was there is spirit, and I do have someone in early labor right now, so good thing I was not up there galavanting about with all you “Twilight Maniacs”!! Sleep well and relive all the fun later today and tomorrow….

  6. Sooo. Sooo. Sooo. Sooo. Sooo. Sooo. Sooo much fun!!! *:D* Good job Mom! You did a really great job getting everything together! 🙂

  7. You guys really are too great! That was a fun party night, and I SO hope we do it all again when the next ones come out! 🙂 Thanks for putting together sucha fun night!:)

  8. WAHOO!!! That was such a great night!!! Thank you so much for all of the work you put into getting it all ready! You ROCK!!!

  9. You–my dear–are adorable! Thanks for doing that. I know the vendors will really appreciate it. You’re a peach!

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