Well Babies

So we wait, and wait for the sniffles and sneezes and coughing to back off a bit so that we can take the little people to the pediatrician for their “Well Baby” check ups. Funny how that works–isn’t it?

Beckham loved the tiny light that made his fingers glow…

and was good with sticking out his tongue and saying, “Ahhhh.”

But when the doctor said, “May I look in your ears for a second?” he wasn’t having any of it.

She checked his tummy and heart and reflexes just fine, but he spent the rest of the check up with his hand over his ear…you know, just in case.Β  Silly guy.

But Lily? She listened to her own heart, and stuck out her own tongue just at the right moment…

and giggled with the ear peeking and tummy rubs.

She loved it!

Now in the interest of full disclosure–I’ll admit, they didn’t really like the next part. You’ll notice that there are no pictures for their very first immunizations. That’s because I was on the “distraction committee” so that two three-year-olds didn’t turn into sixty-four wild hyenas.

Turned out–they were good little sports and got over the poke quite bravely.

Of course, Grammy’s bag of Jelly Bellys didn’t hurt one bit either.

Been around the block myself, you know.

heh, heh.


Happy Birthday Big Brother!

Happy Birthday Cynthia!


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7 Replies to “Well Babies”

  1. They’re great! I’m glad they were so brave. They told me all about their pokes and I think they did good. πŸ™‚

    Happy Birthday Uncle Andy!

    Happy Birthday Cynthia!

  2. Oh man.. those darn immunizations… they are yucky. Too bad they need them πŸ™
    Happy birthday Uncle Andy! πŸ™‚

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