Week of Winners Giveaway #6

What do you get when you combine mouth wash, genealogy, and science together in one package?


The GeneTree DNA Test Kit*

Are you saying, “Huh?” right about now? Well stick with me. When the folks at GeneTree approached me with this giveaway, my response was about the same. I mean, let’s face it–my experience with DNA would be limited to an evening with CSI Miami and Horatio Cainehmmm…not a bad thought, but not where we’re headed.


With the use of a simple mouthwash solution GeneTree will help you discover branches of your ancestry that you may never have know existed. GeneTree offers enhanced genealogical research through scientific study of DNA. Once the kit results are submitted, Genetree will hook you up with a free, password protected, secure social networking site that specializes in connecting people through their common DNA ancestors.  As part of their free service you can also upload your family tree, share photos or videos, connect with your DNA matches to find insights to your past, and have access to many educational and genealogical links. They also offer DNA and genealogy consultations to help with your research brick walls.

This is really taking Family History research to a new–and for me–cosmic level. I personally think their tag line should be “To your ancestry…and beyond.”

Oh, that was goood.

Good Luck!

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  1. This is pretty interesting. I don’t know much about this kind of thing… but anything to be more CSI: Miami-ish sounds like fun! 😉 Heh!

  2. I went to the GeneTree website and it’s really nicely put together! I like that they have videos explaining what they do… or what information they can get. It’s always nice to be able to read, watch AND hear something… when it’s new! 🙂 I like the quote by the founder that says he wanted to do it because he wanted to remind people that we are brothers and sisters! 🙂

  3. 1) This looks awesome. My mom is really into genealogy, so I am pretty sure winning this giveaway would make her like me more!

    2) I looked at their site and it looks really neat, I am just not clear on something, though. As a woman, could I investigate my paternal line myself, or would I have to give the test to my brother or dad? It looks like they really tried to make it simple, but DNA confuses me. I think I’d try to choose the paternal kit since there is a lot more mystery on that side, but I’d have to ask my mom what we really need.

    3) Does a post on a friends-only Livejournal account count? Because I posted about you there!

    4) I got two more people to vote for your blog!

  4. It really is an amazing thing this kit. As I understand it, you would want to use your brother or dad (preferably dad, because he’s farther back in the chain) to get your paternal DNA. Girls don’t have the “Y” chromosome so they can only follow the maternal line back. It can be confusing, but that’s what I loved about this site. They really try to simplify it for those of us who didn’t make DNA models out of Starburst candy in High School. Good luck Kristen!

  5. I suppose I should comment myself, rather that try to count my reply to you…

    This is definitely very different from the other give-aways you’ve done before. I like it! DNA was one subject I always wanted to learn more about in college, but didn’t really do much with beyond generals. Very nice!

  6. Looking at their site, I wish that they described more of the free services they offer up front. The sign up is for free, and you mentioned more things that they offer even if you don’t purchase a kit. I don’t think I’d get that from the front page. Also, I’m not a fan of that “confused?” tagline/girl. I like the idea of talking with a DNA consultant, but I think there is a better way to offer that service. They need more explanation of what a person would get from that.

  7. Oops, I forgot to mention… I’d either look into my paternal line or have my uncle test for his maternal or paternal line to tap into my grandparent’s side of things.

  8. I am really interested in how DNA can play a role in geneology. Though my mom’s side has quite a bit of research done, I have had a really hard time finding information on my dad’s side more than a few generation’s back. I am hoping DNA will open up a new avenue of approach in geneology!

  9. The site was a little unclear. It seems like you only connect with other people who have done GeneTree which might not prove to be too many for me since I have few blood relatives in the U.S. anyway. I already know I’m Asian…so would I go on there and not find anyone? Not quite sure how it works….but a very interesting concept!

  10. I am very much intrigued by this site and the possibilities that are out there! I’ve been stumped on finding connections on an ancestor to the old world (probably Germany) and this may help us in some way weed through the possibilities and find the right match!

  11. I liked the layout of the site and am interested in doing the test and seeing if I can secure some of the links that we’re currently working on in geneology. I’m wondering how many we will actually find since I’m assuming that they will have also had to join up and take the test.

  12. As an employee of GeneTree, I second what Launi has said: you would need a living male relative to test if you want to find out more about your paternal line. That could be your dad, a brother, or even an uncle.

  13. Good question Jan. As an employee of GeneTree, let me answer that for you real quick:

    GeneTree’s database contains more information than just the results gathered by us. Your results are matched against all those who tested with GeneTree combined with over 100,000 samples from over 170 countries that the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation gathered over the last 10 years. Also, since GeneTree is a free site, anyone can sign up and add their DNA results that they received from another company to compare their matches too.

    Hope that helps clear things up 🙂

  14. Wow.. great prize.. could do with some freebie DNA tests for the relatives… we have a whole Flemish Tribe and need to get atleast 3,000 tested to sort out our lines from UK to the colonies…. send me heaps of freebies ! Great idea to use freebie dna tests for a prize…

    Janet of oz aka Flandrensis

  15. I am already a member of the gene tree site and think it is great.. always find something of interest there and great to have access to the SMGF data base so easily…
    we use to have the same option at our old Relative Genetics web site but atleast we still have it somewhere…
    Genetree is a great site to check out DNA kin ties.

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