Week of Winners Giveaway #5: greenWinkle

Are you ready for this?

Copy of Purses 016

the Water Lily BagBag

by greenWinkle

The flower without the pond…or the frogs.

This gorgeous handbag is made entirely from repurposed silver-white shopping bags with tiny green patches. This bag is lovely, sturdy and washer/dryer safe.

Measuring only 9″ high and 12″ wide, this bag is the perfect size for just the necessities: cell phone, keys, wallet, chapstick…or a chinchilla, if you’re so inclined.

How to crochet plus 028

If you’d like to win a greenWinkle BagBag of your own…now’s your chance!

Purses 012

This bag will make a really nice Christmas present for someone special–or you may just love it so much that you have to keep if for yourself! I’m just saying…

Good luck everyone!

All β€œWeek of Winners” winners will be chosen and announced on Monday October 5, 2009 at 10 am.

38 Replies to “Week of Winners Giveaway #5: greenWinkle”

  1. Ohohohoh! Well that looks silly. Not hohohoho But Oh Oh Oh as in “Boy am I excited!” Ever since Jillian told me about these adorable (and strong..and re-cycled..and did I mention adorable?) bags I have drooled over them..We not literally ..not them per se..so no, the winner will NOT get a drooled over/on bag..anyway, I have always wanted something just in case I need a chinchilla and have to carry it with me all the time..so, yes, I will vote, I will Facebook (is that really a verb??) and I will hope to win.

  2. Ooooooohhhh!! I like this bag very much!! This is one if my favorites as previously mentioned on another giveaway!! ;o) I’d love to win this baby!!!

    Brooke :o)

  3. OK Launi, I just posted about it on my blog (and guess what?! I forgot my blog was private – so I just invited you to view it – and you should have gotten emails with the invitations and instructions on how to view my blog!)! So there you have it. Entry #2… πŸ™‚

  4. Did Jillian tell you? I have an evil plan devised whereby she can bribe you all to vote and will then bring you cream puffs. I believe it’s called “lobbying.” Ha ha!

  5. This is a nice one. How’s the “Crayon Tips” holding up? Mine lasted two years before it started to bore me. The darn thing still hadn’t worn out.

  6. Yay!! The Water Lily bag is my favorite!!

    Should be appearing on the blog shortly…


    And I got my mom to vote on Divine Caroline!

    WOO HOO!!! You’re close in votes with the 3rd and 4th place ones too – I’ll bet we can slip you in ahead of them!

  7. Hey count me in too! Rob and I also voted as well, and I gave my moms like 50 email address. Haha!! I’m so excited about this awesome bag!! WOOHOO!

  8. Pick me, Pick me!! Then I can use it to sneak candy into New Moon (if I get to go, ha ha!) Just kidding, I would never do such a thing……….

  9. I love the way you make bags from recycled ones. I would proudly use it everyday and advertise for you if people ask me about such a cute and unique bag.

  10. I. Love. This. Bag.

    I love where it came from. I love how hard you worked on it. I love that it’s a little shimmery. I love the name. I love the tag. I love you! *:D*

  11. I really hope it’s ok that I am commenting a couple of days late… I’ve been busy with student teaching and get over here when I get the chance (a few times a week). But oh, I really love your bags… and I have posted about the amazing bags and the give away on my blog and on my facebook. You have amazing prizes!!!

  12. Okay Dot Mitchell rants and raves about you and these bags–So I am enterting. I will also vote for you on the favorite giveaway webs site–so give Dot an extra entry. I love you 101 things to be grateful for. That’s been my favorite yet.

  13. Oh, and I just voted at Divine Caroline. I know, I know! I should have done that a while ago. Sometimes I need a swift kick in the pants (or a lovely bag) to get my butt in gear! Ü

  14. What a cute purse! I love the idea of recycling the bags into something useful.

  15. I’m impressed with the talent you have. To be able to turn plastic bags into such a beautiful bag amazes me

  16. What a cute little bag and what a great way to recycle. I just love this idea. Maybe I can get my friend to help me come up with ideas on how we can get our crafty young lady girls to create adorable items with plastic bags. The girls will drool over these bags (something for them to aspire to – but no fear, it will be a long time before they perfect any thing like this, but it will be fun trying – Don’t you love run on sentences.)

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