A Pirate’s Life

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Our experience with pirating is…vast. We know the ship well.

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We recognize the skull and crossbones flying.

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Yeah, we know real pirates when we see them…

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and their motley crew.

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Why, we even know well lagoons and crystal water and…

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the plank rail…that many unfortunate souls had to climb.

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Oh, yes, it was frightening, to be sure, but…

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still we jumped into the briny deep—perhaps to meet our doom–or sink to Davey Jones’ Locker…

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or to float.

Floating was way better. And being a pirate these days,  is a fabulous thing. In fact, we loved it. So much so that when…

Florida 008

this place–Pirate Island– showed up in our side of the ocean–we were there.

Florida 001

Because we know the ship well.

Florida 005

We recognize the skull and crossbones flying…

Florida 014

the lagoons and crystal water…

Florida 018

and we know real pirates when we see them…

Florida 025

and their ferocious…

Florida 033

motley crew. But something was different this time. Instead of making us walk the plank…

Florida 039

they fed us the perfect pirate food…

Florida 038

well…that…and pizza. In fact, they treated us so well–we never wanted to leave.

Florida 037

Some even had to be carried away, against their will.

Florida 012

Ah, but we’ll be back.

Yo ho!

12 Replies to “A Pirate’s Life”

  1. Happy Birthday Launi! Hope its a great one and that you are Blessed beyond measure as you are such a blessing to others!

  2. FUN! My girls are begging to go. I am waiting until John can come with us. I don’t know if I can handle the insanity by myself. The carnival last night was enough for me!

  3. The first place with the real pirate ship is the Cayman Islands. The second place is Pirate Island right behind University Mall, here in Orem. It’s new and so fun. It’s like a classy, less noisy “Chucky Cheese” only with pirates and separate places for eating and playing. We loved it.

  4. Wellll…yes…ahhhh…of course pirates invented onion rings. I thought everyone knew that. :]

    Thanks for the birthday wish. Birthdays are lovely when you don’t really care one bit how old you are.

  5. Yeah, you would likely need some help. The play area is way away from the eating area and I don’t know how you’d ever watch both girls if they went in separate directions. It was really fun though. And the food was really good.

  6. What a fun “pirate’s life” you had!! Sadly (for me) but one of the best pictures was that of yummy looking onion rings and mouth watering fish & chips!

    And Happy Birthday!!! What a fun time to celebrate! Birthdays rock!!

  7. Happy Birthday Mom!!! *:D* I hope you had a beautiful day!!!

    I’m in love with EVERYthing pirate!!! This is such a great giveaway! Arrrrrrr!!!

    Oh… and I love your comparisons with the cruise pictures! I love this post!

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