5 Replies to “Does God Exist?”

  1. Wow! What an amazing video! Reminds me of a story about one of the general authorities. (Can’t remember which, and don’t want to wrongly associate it.) Reader’s Digest version goes like this.

    He’s on a plane traveling somewhere and gets into a discussion about religion with a fellow passenger. The passenger asks him to describe how he knows that God lives. He thinks for a moment and asks the man, “Do you know what salt tastes like?” the man answers, “Why, of course! I know it as well as I know anything.” He goes on to ask him, “If I had never before tasted salt, could you describe to me what it tasted like?” “Well, it’s not sweet, and it’s not sour,” the man says. “Ah! You have described to me what it is NOT, not what it IS.” After several failed attempts, the man admits defeat. The GA goes on to say “just as you could not describe something so common, that you have known your entire life, so can I not describe what I know in my heart, as well as I know anything else in this world.”

    I probably didn’t do it justice – but a good message none-the-less. Thanks for the inspiring message this beautiful Sunday!

  2. this is just well written propaganda to murder separation of church and state. By teaching religion in school, they mean teaching Catholicism and not any other religion.

  3. I didn’t get that feel from it at all. It’s a shame if that’s what people are using it for.

    I like it solely for a sweet explanation and testimony of God.

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