Harry Potter–Through the Pensieve

With the very last Harry Potter film coming out next month, we’ve really had the “bespeckled git” on our minds these days. With the end in mind it seemed only right that Gracious Rain take over the entire Theater #7 at the University Mall Cinemark in Orem, Utah for the event–with our usual crazy premier blow out beforehand. We can’t seem to stop ourselves from making a party out of things–always.

If you happen to be even a small bit of a fan–please, please, watch the following. It’s amazing…and of course it will likely make the die-hards bawl.

Yeah…we’re in deep my friends.

Trailer #1

Trailer #2

Is it just us or are there quite a few folks out there who wonder–What will we ever do without our beloved Harry Potter?!

5 Replies to “Harry Potter–Through the Pensieve”

  1. Love this clip and I can’t WAIT for this last movie. It’ll be sad not to see them in the theater anymore, but it’s nice we’ll get to have them all at home! 😉

  2. Every time Snape was showed I got goosebumps. His face just says it all. I can’t wait! Harry Potter won’t go away. We have the books and the movies to keep the magic alive.

  3. Oh, I know…he breaks my heart. I’ve listened to the last book about 10 times now and I bawl like a nut at the end.

  4. I feel like I’ve babysat all those kids and watched them grow up…and now they’re moving away or something. So weird.

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