These Days…


hoping that Miss Jiff is finally learning who her real friends are…before we have her de-clawed. I mean it.

planning a few new Harry Potter-ish things for my depleted little Etsy shop. Go Gryffindor!

still giggling over a bumper sticker we saw last week.

squinting at the tiniest little stamped tag I’ve ever seen. How do they DO that?

getting ready to laugh my guts out with the nutty bunch of clips called “Kid History.” Check them out!

amazed that the old time bad guy from Mario Party has started to feel like a friend. Wait, maybe that’s bad.

considering hiding in the closet to eat these incredible, light as a feather scones…from Barry’s. Fine. I’ll share.

wondering how those teeny tiny babies got to be so big…so fast…

when I wasn’t looking!


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2 Replies to “These Days…”

  1. These days…

    I’m hoping that the beautiful weather will hold out for Summerfest.
    I’m wondering how those little people got so not little too!
    I’m counting down the days to Harry Potter! 😀
    I’m trying to keep up with millions of trillions of great ideas and responsibilities!
    I’m waiting for your next delicious recipe! 😉

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