Recycled Thought Process…

August 14 020

When you look at a typical pile of cast off clothing, it’s likely you have the same conversation going on in your head that a lot of us do.

“Can someone else wear that?”

“Should I just donate it to DI or Good Will?”

“Is it unwearable?”

“Should we throw it away?”

August 14 032

But lately–since my beloved sewing machine has made it’s way home, every too-short shirt and badly fitting sweater has begun morphing in my mind–to something…


August 14 033

Suddenly, I’m seeing the dreaded, disturbing collection as a fabulous store of potential—spread out in front of me…

August 14 034

waiting to see what’s next for them in the universal “repurpose” life plan…

August 14 031

My head seems filled with 10,000 little sticky notes…

August 14 035

giving a new direction to something old or torn or droopy or faded or just plain ugly.

August 14 036

It feels good to recycle paper and plastic and unplug the cell phone charger and turn out the lights and use less water and sew pretty handbags out of evil plastic sacks and make things we need right now out of things we thought we were finished with.

August 14 037

This all may seem like tiny drops in the big, huge world bucket—but doing something always beats doing nothing. So, because we honestly really love this place, this pretty, little planet…we choose something

August 14 039

and it feels very right.

12 Replies to “Recycled Thought Process…”

  1. I Love this! I am going to use your tutorial to make pants for my little Kyra! Thank you!!!!

  2. When I see clothes I see two main (re)purposes: altering them so that they fit better, or turning them into puppets. That makes me happy and very “I’m saving the world”-ish.

  3. YAY!!! I love that you’re sweet enough to let me benefit from your awesomeness!!! I’ve GOT to figure out something cool I can do/make for people so I can spread the joy!!!

    R-E-C-Y-C-L-E… Find out what it means to me… sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me…


  4. P.S. Loved the notes you put on the cats too. Should I be watching just in case you stick one on me as well? 😉

  5. If you sit right in the middle of my projects while I’m trying to work–then yes you should. Although, you should be warned…I’ve been known to shove them on to the floor too.
    So–watch yourself.

  6. 😐

    A wack job?!? I don’t know WHAT you mean!!!

    Sock it to me… sock it to me… sock it to me…

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