Amazon Jungle

Something strange is afoot.

June 10 073

Remember the kind, sweet, garden we planted a couple months back?

June 10 081

See? There’s my tiny, little chamomile and my one, solitary petunia growing bravely by the rose bushes.

June 10 074

And remember the polite little peas all growing in a row? And the radishes? Well, never mind about the radishes.

Moving on…

May 31 047

Remember the pumpkins and the watermelon and zucchini and tomatoes?

Well, I do. They were all right here when we left for New York. Yessiree…right here where we put them.

We were told there was an unusual amount of rain while we were gone…

but we were NOT told  that some strange creature crept into the garden and planted the entire  Yucatan Rain Forest in our back yard. Yeah, that was a surprise.

No lie. We came home…

misc 060

to this…

misc 061

and this…

misc 064

and THIS. What the HECK! How did this happen?!

May 31 061

I’m told that there are likely zucchini the size of sea otters buried in this forest–and I’m gonna find ’em.  It may take muscles of steel and possibly sturdier knees than I currently possess, but we have to try.

So, we’re soaking down the jungle and I’m off to buy more gloves… and possibly a machete. For all I know, there could be man-eating pythons out there mingled with the pumpkin. I’ll bring pepper spray.

Do wish me luck…

…I’m going in.

3 Replies to “Amazon Jungle”

  1. HO-LY crap…

    You are so brave! I want to be better and go rushing in with my fists up, instead of slinking back in the house and refusing to look at it! :S

    Thanks for all your hard work! You’re a good little Mom! 🙂

  2. That’s nothin’ compared to my entire backyard!! Our neighbor boys came and asked us if they could have a jungle campout back there. After an hour of trying to clear a place for their tent, they had allergies too bad and had to go inside.

    Good luck though!! I know it can be a daunting task!

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