This very minute…

Do you ever feel like everything is flinging past you at such a fast pace that you can hardly remember what you did yesterday because of how much is going on tomorrow? Do you feel like your days are just a blur?

Well, I do–way too often, actually.

When that happens, I’ve found this little exercise that can help pull you back into the moment. You know…this moment. Not yesterday or tomorrow, but right now…this very minute.

You just take a nice, deep breath and let yourself answer the questions below–as honestly and simply as you can. Pay attention to the first thing that comes into your mind.

It’s usually the truth. Be brave.

Right this minute I am…


–a bit sleepy, a good kind of sleepy–like all I need is a teeny, tiny, twenty minute nap and all the energy will come flying back. Naps are good for you…naps are good for you…naps…are…good…for…you. So is chanting.


–to Lisa Hannigan who soothes me into liquid with her raspy-smooth, Irish ballads and inspires me to get really skinny so I can hang some pretty dresses like hers in my closet—or on my amazing skinny body.


–a piece of string cheese, one pinch at a time, to make it taste better–and drinking my Kangen water because I’m addicted…and it’s a good thing.


–very carefully for any itty bitty sign that Spring is indeed coming. I’ll take just about anything right now because on this fine April day, I’m tempted to build a fire in the stove to warm the place up. The smoke signals to Mother Nature coming from the chimney couldn’t hurt either.


–to buy some packages of every-color-in-the-world Sweet Pea seeds to plant outside my bedroom window even though they are climbers and I don’t really know what they would climb on exactly. Details…details. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I need color, I tell you!


–of a story that I can’t get out of my head, which is usually a sure sign that it needs to be written in the first place. I’m hoping I know someone who can possibly do that…possibly…maybe.


–the little, precious people around me that tug and pull and whine and grin and spit and giggle and walk and evade and stumble and wave and mimic and kiss and bawl and smile and watch absolutely everything.


–that the smaller size jeans in my closet will fit me because I’ve lost 13 pounds since that silly surgery. I know, I know—“that was a BIG appendix!”

I’m afraid that I need a bit of clapping for this one…please.


that Peanut Butter Weebles and Cinnamon Pull-aparts and Easter cookies were a smart, healthy, non-fat part of a sensible, balanced, nutritious diet.



–you the most lovely weekend and a very Happy Easter!

4 Replies to “This very minute…”

  1. I love that picture of Lyndi! She’s such a great sport. Kind of looks like she’s coming home from girl’s camp?

    Right this minute I am thinking I better get to bed…I’m still in a contest with Porter about who goes to bed first and getting moola for it.

    Right this minute I am wishing May 15th were here because then Kali will be here with her cute little belly.

    Right now I am listening to Jordan snoring on the couch. What a cute boy.

    Right this minute I am hoping I can play racquetball tomorrow morning and not hurt any parts of my body. (or get stomped)

    Okay, that’s all for now. I like your post, Launi. Thanks for the absolute wonderful, stupendous, delightful, invigorating visit at Costco today. You rock girl!!

  2. That is just plain embarassing. When I can get over that… I’ll comment in regards to what you actually said.


  3. Awww gee… you didn’t have to change the picture… it’s already been out there for everyone to see. It was sent to their inboxes for heavens sake. πŸ˜› Perhaps you saved yourself from wacky pictures of you showing up on MY blog! πŸ˜‰ heh.

    Ok… sooo I’m already missing the sugar cookies and the weebles too! Our babies are AWESOME and sooo cute. I agree with Jillian too… get that story DOWN man. I want to read it! πŸ˜‰

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