Things To Love~

this very minute…

A little girl who loves patterns and fabric just like her mama.

Seeing some of the best toys in the world coming around a second time.

Finding a very special note–just for me–on my desk, from a cute little Chompy.

Getting very close to the end of a particularly favorite project.

Great big trees and teeny tiny girls.

Being asked to make the family favorite slippers…again, only this time, in blue.

A rainbow just appearing from out of nowhere.

Figuring out the REAL reason some kids love soccer.

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3 Replies to “Things To Love~”

  1. Walking into the kitchen this morning, after the windows had been open all night, to that crisp cold feeling that says fall is coming.
    Full bottles on the shelves with more tomatoes and vegies in the garden.
    The smiles of three beautiful righteous young ladies that go off to do good everyday.
    History books waiting and ready for me to delight in.

  2. I’m loving:

    *graham crackers
    *gift cards waiting to be used
    *clean water
    *cooler days
    *vitamins and natural remedies
    *sweet kids who love to play together

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