Things To Love…

The covert, aspiring photographer we have at our place.

Reconnecting with my best friend- “Berni” after a few months.

The new love of my life at the Sweet Tooth Fairy. Holy smokes.

The latest pirate girl fashion.

Chompy’s new pals–Caillou and Gilbert.

My first taste of “Hoppin’ John,” a great New Year’s dish of black-eyed peas, rice and ham. Dang fine.

Finishing all the paperwork. Now please, please everyone pray that the new passport gets here in time for the Bald Kid to enter the MTC–or he’ll be set back about 6 weeks!

Beloved batter fingers–any day of the week.

What about you? What do you love today?


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3 Replies to “Things To Love…”

  1. A weekly menu… it’s really helping me pay attention to what we eat and make better choices! 🙂

    Just Dance 2… a fun way to dance off some baby weight! 😉

    Clear skies and the shining sun… even if they won’t last long because it’s January.

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