Masha and the Bear

We have quite a fair bit of Russian going on at our house these days.

Since the bald kid has less than a month before he enters the Missionary Training Center (MTC) and he wants to have as much of the language under his belt as possible.

Good idea I reckon.

Here’s my favorite little show he’s been watching and trying to translate.

You really should hear the big guy sing along with Masha. You’d never be the same again!

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6 Replies to “Masha and the Bear”

  1. Hmm, somehow I’ve missed the singing around the house. Guess I’ll have to request that song 😉 They’re cute!

  2. Yeah–you guys kinda miss each other like “two ships that pass in the night,” so to speak. :} His peak time is from 10am to about 1. Then, he’s gone too. Do ask him. It’s a crack up.

  3. It’s kind of amazing how fast he is learning all this right now. He’s being very blessed with the ability and the desire to learn it.

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