Things To Love…

Finding a new, zero-calorie, donut shop in town.

Watching a friendly path beaten to our front door.

A stack to sort that was formerly…my closet.

My very first attempt at Steamed Chocolate Pudding–with Caramel Sauce…OooooOOOooh.

Third generation Good & Plenty lovers–such wise children.

Sorting through all the holiday goodie leftovers.

Being so magically close.

Sewing new winter Pixie Hats…

in case we see a pixie!

What do you love? Tell us your favorites and I’ll get them on our Grateful List and put them in the quote rotator down in the bottom right corner. Working on getting 1000 by year’s end. Come help!

4 Replies to “Things To Love…”

  1. I love waking up and seeing that it’s earlier than I thought it was! 🙂

    I love cream cheese!

    I love hearing my little one learning lots of new words!

    I love seeing things from someone else’s perspective!

    I love finally feeling better!

  2. I love when my husband helps me clean the bathrooms!!

    I love snow in the South, because everything closes down, and we take life a bit slower!

  3. I love books and learning something new – like how to make chocolate pudding cake.
    I love creating something new and pretty or useful with my own hands.
    I love web cam and being able to play games with little boys thousands of miles away.
    I love history and stories from it – imagining myself in a different place and time.

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