Things I Love~

right this minute.

A little Magoo in Sunday duds. It’s almost as good as a guy in a kilt.

No, really.

A teeny, tiny bird cage on a chain with the door wide open–of course. Just the way all bird cages should be.

Getting all those sixty-five billion invitations organized and ready to ship out. Jillian and her orderly spreadsheets keep us all on track.

Parsley gone wild in the grow box from last year. I trimmed it back but it came bolting forward again with a vengeance. Which is fine by me.

The pretty little garden, such as it is, from the back door. So, so sweet.

Oh, look. It’s that handsome boy again.

How’d that picture get in here?


What about you? What are you loving these days? Tell me in the comments and I’ll add them to our “Things to be grateful for” rotator list at the bottom right hand corner.

3 Replies to “Things I Love~”

  1. Great looking garden aunt Launi! What kinds of things did you plant? Also, Jillian had the cutest invitations I think I have ever seen! Totally her, and BEAUTIFUL!

  2. I’ll show you our silly garden in a day or two. :}
    Her invitation is pretty dang cute–isn’t it? I loved the Oreo bit on the back. Totally her!

  3. *Breadsticks
    *Cinnamon Rolls
    *Blankets For Chilly Mornings
    *Siblings Who Are Friends
    *Watching Covert Operatives With Two Of My Favorite People
    *Scrapbooking Paper
    *Caramel Sundaes
    *A Plate Full Of Sliced Fruit Just Waiting To Be Eaten

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