One Rainy Day

After days of rain…

the sun peeked out between all those clouds–for just a little minute. So Lily, Beckham and I rushed over to the school yard at the end of the block. We had the place completely to ourselves…

which meant that I could sit in the car with the doors open and just let them run and play. Yes, yes…I was being Lazy-Bones-Jones but they were happy–I was happy–so all was right with the world.

Then Beck rushed back to tell me something that he totally forgot by the time he got to the sidewalk…

and spied a row of teeny tiny ants–very, very interesting when you’re just 3 years old.

Very…very.  And while he was contemplating the little critters…

Lily ran back to the car with some treasures of her own…

just in the nick of time!


PS–the bald kid tells me–now that he’s left the valley–the rain should clear up soon. He swears it was only here because he and I  love it so much. I guess we’ll see.



3 Replies to “One Rainy Day”

  1. Isn’t the weather crazy? It should be nice for the next week or so. Come out and play!

  2. Looks like you guys had a fun little adventure! 🙂

    I hope he’s right with the weather predictions. I miss the sunshine SO much!!!

  3. You should see how many kids go crazy over ants and other bugs at the center!! We get ants in this little corner of our yard and they pack 8 kids into that tiny corner all trying to get the ants and see them. It’s really kinda funny. Then everyone has to wash hands because they had bugs crawling all over them. Aren’t little kids just great (most of the time).

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