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Back in the summer, you may remember that Gracious Rain threw a huge bash for the opening night of Eclipse. It was wild, wonderful, midnight fun and truly and unforgettable experience. One of the perks of this party–for me–was getting to know some of the amazingly talented artists who provided prizes for all the giveaways that evening.

Mockingjay” Pendant

One of those artists is Tena, a new friend who actually lives in Forks, Washington—you know, where Twilight takes place—and has her own Etsy shop called The Forks Forest. She makes incredible jewelery and has just added a few very interesting things that I really want to tell you about. Here’s the story…

Forks High School

Remember–in the Twilight series–all the scenes that took place at Forks High School? Now, of course, the movie was actually shot on a set replica of the real school, but still–this is what it looks like.

Anyway, this last July, 2010 the original 1925 Forks High School building was torn down to make way for a new Forks High School building project.

Tena sent me local newspaper articles showing the progress of the demolition–but here’s the good part.

She and her husband carefully sifted through the rubble…

and found some bricks and brass pipes and floor boards and then…

did some pretty dang creative things with them. Check this out–

The wood used to make this box came from the original Forks High School gymnasium floor.  Can you believe it? Seriously, if you know a true-blue Twilight fan wouldn’t they just go crazy over this stuff? It’s amazing and up close–it’s really beautiful.

Forks High School Copper Tag Pendant

The Forks Forest is sponsoring a Gracious Rain giveaway for this lovely necklace made from up-cycled copper pipe from the Forks High School building.  The copper tag hangs from a sparkling square Spartan Blue crystal and 20 inch copper rope chain. Tag measures 1 & 3/8 x 5/8 inch.

An absolute one of a kind treasure for any twilight fan.
To enter,  simply make a comment on today’s post.  For a second entry, visit The Forks Forest and tell us your favorite item from the shop.
Winner will be announced on Monday October 18, 2010 at 10 am.

Good luck!!

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31 Replies to “The Forks Forest Giveaway”

  1. Wow, it always amazes me what creative things people can make from the most unlikely things. I love those bookends! Not to mention how awesome it is that such items are sought after by Twilight fans. Who wouldn’t want a part of the original Forks High?

  2. You mean I seriously have to pick one thing that is my favorite? That’s alot harder than it seems. She definitely has talent and if I could I’d buy one of everything! But since I have to pick something I’d have to say its a tie between that Edward the black angel pendant and those awesome bookends! But really if I had all the money in the world to spend I’d buy one of everything! Thanks for sharing such a great giveaway with us!

  3. Amazing shop! They have created some truly unique keepsakes from items that would have been shamefully discarded. Definitely creativity at its best!

  4. I have to say first that I LOVE your site. I stumbled onto it a month or two ago and it’s on my “favorites bar” so I can read it every day! 🙂 It’s taken me a while to go through all the past posts (I’m not quite there yet) and one day I’ll catch up. 🙂
    I absolutely love the bookends. THANK YOU for posting that. I now have a great idea of what to do with some bricks that was taken out of our house when we did some remodeling. Thank you!!

  5. I love the necklace. I would give it to my daughter (of course) who is a HUGE Twilight fan. I am too, but it would be an amazing Christmas present!! I actually love the bookends too. They are amazing!

  6. And for my second entry, I went to the store website and fell in love with Bella’s crystal heart/ wolf bracelet!! That is really pretty!!

  7. Oh man… I LOVE THIS!!! It melts my heart to think of having pieces of the REAL Twilight! 😉 Heh… you know, cause there’s uh, real Twilight stuff, right?!? 😉 ANYway, this giveaway just turns me into a huge FANGIRL!!! GO TWILIGHT!

  8. Everything in that shop is gorgeous! I love that she has stuff from Hunger Games too! My favorite items are the necklaces. I really like the Cullen Locket, Cullen Lion, and the My Mockingjay Necklace! SO beautiful!

  9. I love that they were able to gather some stuff from the tear down of the High School and upcycle it into items for the shop (which I LOVE and already bought some items for daughter from)!!

  10. I guess I would have to say Upcycled FHS wood made into BELLA’S KEEPSAKE BOX is my current favorite item though those Mockingjays are nice!!

  11. OMG!! I can’t choose just one item is my favorite. Every item has it’s own “personality” I always find something special in each one I buy. The personal touch that is given to each is beautiful and has the love put into it that captures Forks. Thank You from a fan who respects what u do for the fans.

    Thank You Again!

  12. Wow! How amazing it would be to own a little piece of Forks! Any diehard Twihard would obviously be interested, but there is just something about Forks/La Push that just calls to me. 🙂

  13. Mary, Thank you so much for your kind words. I have to tell you my hubby thought we were nuts digging those bricks from the rubble… in July, in the heat… but I told him the fans will want these bricks… and now he believes me.. being a fan and living in Forks is kinda a twist… so I do put stuff out there with a heart for twilight fans… I’m so glad you enjoy them.. thank you to all who have commented on my work. Be safe, Tena

  14. Wow..what at wonderful way to hold on to a piece of Forks History. To actually have part of the Forks High School in a beautiful necklace, is a great form of rememberance. I would love to own one of these necklaces to always let me remember my visits to Forks and the high school before it was taken down. I will miss seeing it there.

  15. I love this idea! What a great way to preserve history AND share the love of Forks! It is amazing how creative and fun these things are. My daughter and I are such fans of the series and of Tena’s work. The imagination and love for her art is truly remarkable. such an exciting find!

  16. There are so many beautiful things on her sight. I just bought my daughter the mockingjay locket and it is AMAZING! I think one of my other favorites is the moonstone ring. Everything is so beautiful and creative. It will definitely be a place i will be coming again for gifts…:0)

  17. This is an amazing idea! It is a wonderfuly creaive way to preserve Forks history. I am a big fan of the books and in all of Tena’s creations, and its even better that she can turn her masterpieces into a historical thing. It was a very smart thing to do, due to the fact that all of the Twilight fans would be itching to get something thats even based on their favorite series, let alone part of it. It is sad that it is being torn down, but it will live on through these amazing works pf art.

  18. I have to say thatall of Tena’s creations are beautiful and one of a kind. Each has exstrordenary details, and are dazzling. But I have to say that my favorite of the creations is no longer on the site, because my mom bought it for me. It is a “Mockingjay” locket, and it is quite similer to the “Mockingjay” pendent, but it is beautiful and I wear it all of the time. Her shop has become the place we look to find one of a kind gifts!

  19. WOW , I am an artist and I just love when other creative types take advanatge of creative oppurtinity, well done, Love the book ends.

  20. I want to say a big thank you to everyone that has commented on my shop and entered the give away. Makes me want to send something to everyone!! A really big “THANK YOU” to Launi for the fantastic job she did in pesenting my shop and the process we went through to get the bricks for the twilight fans. I am so glad to have them for you all. Make sure and look me up when you come to Forks. Thanks, Tena

  21. WOW!!! What a unique gift those would make for a TwiHard!!! Holy crow! So creative!!!!

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