The Chef and the Surgeon

Back when we were pups–my dear friend Mary Jo and I decided to go Trick or Treating…you know, take the little kids out so they’d be sure to have some mature, adult supervision.

Ah, yes. What humanitarians we were. ALWAYS thinking of the welfare of others…small children…old people…woodland creatures…pet rocks.



So, there were a couple of guys up the street and we figured why waste a good excuse to drop by and say a nice, casual, breathy, impromptu, “HIiiiii.”

The kids did make a pretty great smoke screen though.

heh, heh.

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7 Replies to “The Chef and the Surgeon”

  1. Fun! I don’t think I have dressed up since Middle School. I don’t mind my kids dressing up but I am just not that into it.

  2. I still just think it’s so fun. There’s never really any other excuse to play dress up, and I must miss it from when I was a kid, because I just love it.

    Hope you’re doing all right.


  3. I’ve seen these pictures before, but I didn’t know that you dressed up so you could talk to a BOY! 😛 Heh. That’s funny!

  4. Neil went to a costume party once where the theme was Titanic and he went as a smoke stack – won first prize. I’d say my best was when I dressed like Jack Sparrow for work. People there had no idea who I was!! I won first prize then too – $100 bucks! 🙂 The year Avery was born Neil and I were hunters and Avery was a “wabbit”. We even held her upside down by her foot (VERY BRIEFLY) for a picture! 🙂

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