10 Replies to “{*Shine*}”

  1. I actually just got fed up with the radio stations playing creepy stuff and switched to K-LOVE…the Christian channel. It’s incredibly peaceful. That where I heard the song. :}

  2. I love them!- have you heard This little light of mine by addison road- that one is really nice too!

  3. No…I’ll have Dane look it up. I’m loving the Christian radio station. In fact, my alternator died the other day and the first thing I did after getting it fixed was to find my “our station.” I can hardly stand the other stations…even for a few minutes. I’m finding such soothing music on K-LOVE–it’s wonderful.

  4. I listened to Klove for years- one of the things I loved was that I knew that no matter where you are you know that everyone is listening to the same song at the same time-. I dont get it here but i get the sister station air1. When I hear a lot of other secular songs- I dont know them because I have pretty much only listened to Christian music for so long. I love hearing my grandbaby know the songs on the Christian radio- never have to worry about them hearing something that they shouldnt!

  5. Dane and Jillian got us all hooked. It feels so good to fall asleep with a line going through your head like, “…you’ve been re-made…” or “…my redeemer lives…” instead of junk you wish you could forget. I wish they’d play Twila Paris though–you got me stuck on her. :]

  6. I dont think that she has recorded anything in a long time- every once in a while you’ll hear something from her. But there are so many great groups- you’ll love Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Third Day- Michal W Smith…well- there are so so many- you’ll soon find favorites that will compare to Twila Paris!
    google Praise you in this storm- by casting crowns- we played that at matts funeral- yup- dont know how people live without music that speaks to their souls!
    so upgraded my aol and voila- I was able to get back into your website- was missing reading your blogs every morning!

  7. Yes, I know “Praise You In the Storm.” It makes me cry.
    So glad you’re back again. I’m not tech- savvy enough to know how to fix glitches like that. Thank goodness the kids get it. :}

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