Shhhh….It’s a Secret!

Tip toe on over here and let me show you something. Oh, wait. I really don’t want my kids to see–so I’ll meet you behind the “Secrets” tab…or just CLICK HERE. You’ll see a bit of what’s up for Christmas in these parts.

:} hee, hee…



Oh, yes–and Happy Winter Solstice everyone. This day–Tuesday December 21 is an amazing rarity. Find out why–right HERE.  Winter officially begins today at 3:38 pm.  Imagine that!

3 Replies to “Shhhh….It’s a Secret!”

  1. You know there’s a line from a One Republic song that says, “I’m gunna give all my secrets away…” 😉 Don’t worry. I didn’t look. I won’t look 😉

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