Proud Mama Moment

My daughter, April is being featured over at the Moda Bake Shope this week. Ooooh…she’s such a clever girl.

If you would love to see some beautiful quilting, scoot on over and have a look. Then check out what’s new at her site Prairie Grass Patterns.

You’ll walk away with some lovely patterns…

from her “Positively Perfect” line….

positively free.

Then you’ll be pretty darn clever too!

My-my that smarty-pants must have been raised right.

Heh, heh  :}

5 Replies to “Proud Mama Moment”

  1. ohhhh, and i have some of the Smarty-Pants’ work!! her lovely gift to me survived the fire and is patiently waiting for a place to ‘live’–house not finished yet. How great that there are free patterns for folks to get their feet wet with.
    Full day of prenatal visits today, and we had a baby yesterday–a little boy, 8.2 and he had his hand up–already knows the answers, and made his momma work a bit harder to get him out…probably another smarty-pants in the making!

  2. I think she is pretty amazing too! I learn something new from her every time I talk to her. 😉

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