Positively Les Misérables

Just watched the Les Mis 25th Anniversary on PBS…and I’m completely speechless…or…nearly completely speechless.

It was amazing and just as incredible as it was when we saw the show 15 years ago.

Oh, yeah…and I’m completely in love with Alfie Boe–the star. Pretty sure I’d like to marry him. Except I hear he already has a wife. Rats…my luck.

At the end of the Anniversary show–they gathered up some of the very best performers that have every played the main part and had them sing together. Oh. MY.

Check it out…


So, I’m curious. Have you seen Les Miserables at some time in your life? If so, where and when and how many times? This should be good…

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  1. The only time I have seen it is the movie that came out a couple of years ago. My mom on the other hand has seen it more times than I can count.

  2. DANG LAUNI!!!!
    Why didn’t you CALL ME????
    That clip was amazing! It makes me just want to drop everything and go put on MY video! I’ve been twice, but it was ages ago, and I SO want to go again. Mark has NEVER seen it, and I’d so love to experience that with him! I’m afraid I’ve waited too long for May tickets, though. Do you know? OK, I’ve gotta go watch that clip again!
    Love ya!

  3. Some friend you are – I can’t believe you didn’t call and tell me it was on. We don’t have satellite or Dish so I’m not even sure I could have seen it but I sure would have liked to – did you record it by chance? I read the unabridged version when I was at BYU and totally and completely fell in love with the story BEFORE there was incredible music to go along with it – I’ve always figured that made me a truer fan. My mom and sister gave me tickets to see it when it came to SL along time ago – I was bawling during the overture.

  4. One of my favorite musicals ever. We are going (again) in June and taking the two oldest that are still at home. I think it is an experience that they will never forget!!

  5. Jillian just turned it on and there it was. Honestly, I didn’t move for 4 hours…no lie. It was fabulous. I’m getting the DVD and we’ll have a Les Mis Fest. Ok? Talk to Lyndi–I think she’s being the ticket-meister.

  6. You know…I’m not always one bit aware of what’s going on. It’s Jillian–she had the tv set to automatically turn this show on at the precise time. We were in the middle of something else and bam…it switched to Heaven. Maybe we’ll get the DVD and do a giveaway or something…
    Let’s all go when it’s in SLC in June. Tickets go on sale today…I think. That would be a riot.
    Oh, and I’m with you–I start bawling just listening to the cd overture.

  7. My boys have never seen it–that’s how long ago it was that we saw it live. They weren’t old enough. Dane is going this time for sure.

  8. Kathy… are you talking about the Liam Neeson one? Umm, if so, we definitely need to have you see the REAL one. That one they change the story, and it’s just not the same as the fabulous-ness of the Broadway version. It loses so much of the inspiration when it’s just told instead of sung 🙂

  9. Lynnette it should be on tonight at seven then again at 11 o’clock at night on PBS channel 7 🙂 Enjoy!

  10. Les Miserables: The 25th Anniversary Concert DVD (Blue-Ray and normal) is for $20-30 bucks on Amazon. You can also get the 10th anniversary one with Colm Wilkinson (the original Jean Valjean) there too. The touring cast dates can be seen here http://broadwayacrossamerica.com/shows/lesMiserables.html depending on your area 🙂

    As for your question about when have I seen it… let me count ;)… twice in Salt Lake, twice as the high school version (at a high school and community theater), once at Tuacahn, once in London in the Queens Theater in the West End, and have tickets to another viewing 😉 So six total with a seventh on the way, not counting the many times I’ve listened to the music or watched the anniversary concerts or subjected many, many others to it as well.

    Am I a fan? I believe you can see the answer for yourself 😉

  11. I “posted” to early by mistake. 🙂 I saw Les Mes at the Capital Theater in Salt Lake before Alora was even born and it was as amazing as I thought it would be. I would love to see it again.

  12. Words really can’t express what watching Les Mis is like for me…and this anniversary production took my experience to new heights. Love, love, loved it! Was totally blown away by Nick Jonas as Marius. And of course, as always I cried tears of joy throughout 🙂

  13. Well, get your tickets as soon as you can. I’m pretty sure they’ll add a few days to their schedule because the pre-sale days were nearly sold out by 10am yesterday. We’ll have to see.

  14. Yeah–Nick was a surprise. That’s for sure. This thing captures every emotion one person could possibly feel–doesn’t it?

  15. Do you really want me to answer this? 🙂 I saw Les Mis three times last year – Live! Once with the touring company featuring John Owen Jones as Jean Valjean and once in London with Simon Bowman as Jean Valjean….then in October I got to see Simon and John appear on stage with Colm Wilkinson and Alfie Boe – yes I was there at the O2 arena for the 25th anniversary – it was magical. The atmosphere was incredible and the applause went on for ages!! The evening performance was broadcast live to cinemas around the country and people gave them standing ovations even from the cinema. If you can get hold of a copy of this DVD then do it, it’s so beautiful!
    Launi – did you know Alfie’s wife is called Sarah? 🙂

  16. Yes–I discovered that yesterday–and she’s from Utah. sigh…
    Not a fair planet–is it?
    :] You, my dear, are one lucky duck. Would you tell us how you got to meet Alfie Boe and send me the link to the picture of you two–so I can pretend that I’m you…for a minute?

  17. Sorry that I am late to the party. I saw Les Mis probably 25 years ago at the Civic Theater in downtown San Diego. And I loved it! This show and Phantom are my favorites. I did see the movie with Liam Neeson too, but I missed the music. For me, the music is what makes the story even better. Someday hopefully I will be able to see it again live. Too bad I’m not in Utah or I would love to go with you all to see it there.

  18. The Liam version is actually terrible in my opinion. There is an older one that at least tells the story more correctly. It came out way before the play, but it was much better. The inspector was played by Anthony Perkins from Psycho. He was pretty dang creepy.

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