For Your Man

If your husband has ever played water-ball and accidentally launched not only the football–but his wedding band into the depths of Lake Powell where it was quite likely swallowed by a ten foot trout and never seen again—a mostly true story by-the-way—then you are going to absolutely LOVE this.

Gracious Rain is so-so pleased to welcome our new sponsor Tungsten Direct, located right here in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. They have the most gorgeous rings for men and women and the magic of Tungsten is that it will never lose it’s luster–ever.  Add that to a lifetime warranty against loss, damage or theft and it will end up being the last band you’ll ever need to buy. Wish we’d have known that before the lake incident…sheesh.

So, if you’re about to get married, or needing to replace a ring that got swallowed by a fish–whatever–please go check out the Tungsten Direct site and tell us what you think! Father’s Day is coming up in a few months you know. Oh, and if there’s something that catches your eye–be sure to type in the coupon code “Gracious Rain” at the check out and you’ll receive an additional 25% off the purchase price.

Yeah…beat that…

oh, you can’t.


7 Replies to “For Your Man”

  1. I was kinda jealous that I don’t have a real reason to get one. They are just beautiful and the girls priced them elsewhere and there’s no comparison. These are easily half the price of a jewelry store.

  2. I should get one for Nate… AND me! 😉 Heh. I’m weird like that. 😀

    These are great. I love the variety of ring styles and colors. I’m glad they’re here.

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