Skinny-Mini Headband

Got about twenty minutes…a few scraps of yarn…and a crochet hook? If so–look how much fun you can have–making the easiest headband in the world! It was so darn easy that I promptly made a bunch of different colors and sizes of headbands and forced everyone in the house to model them for me. Big kids…little kids…grown-up kids. No one was safe.

Miss Foo here, however, was the only really good sport about it…hence, the Miss Foo fest. Look how adorable!

It’s made using a simple single crochet stitch (SC). I used an H hook and Peaches and Cream Cotton yarn.

If you’d like to make one or a million of these little pretties–here’s all you have to do…

Skinny-Mini Headband


Chain 4.

Row 1:  SC in the 2nd chain from hook and in each stitch across.

Row 2:  Chain one, and turn. SC in each stitch across.

Row 3~ Repeat Row 2 until headband will fit comfortably around the head of whoever you’re making a headband for. Repeat Row 2– 5 more times and fasten off. Weave in thread ends.

Tie the headband together with a sweet little square knot.

I made this brown one a bit wider–it’s 5 stitches across. Work with the knot until it looks exactly the way you want it to. The headband is going to have a little stretch to it.

Then find a pretty little head to put it on.

Now…take a bow. You deserve it–you clever little thing.


7 Replies to “Skinny-Mini Headband”

  1. Oh, this is so, so cute!! She is growing so big too!! Love the headband idea, I might even be able to pull this one off myself.

  2. Oh, you can totally do it. You’ll amaze yourself. I linked the single crochet instructions in the post as well, in case anyone needs a brush up. Good luck my friend. Come back and show us your pretty daughters wearing what you’ve made.

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