Out and About


We could only stay indoors so long, and quickly found that the weather was much nicer in town than down on the shore. Which means an afternoon of shopping was in order. Heh, heh…


Jillian and I went to the antique shop…first thing. I found an old brass key and a photo of a baby that I wanted. But in the end, I behaved myself and put them back. The Bald Kid found a Batman set of figures from an ancient day. He was in heaven and bought it right up.

Everyone pretty much went their own way on our day out, but we magically kept bumping into the most peculiar people here and there.


Jillian needed a hoodie for the beach so we came here to look. I stayed in the car where I belonged. Unless I have unlimited spending money, I find that outlet shopping is too frustrating. So I sit and crochet and leave the incredible deals to the younger set…with the younger knees.


Loving the beautiful roses that thrive in the wet air here. My roses back home are very, very unhappy right now with their dry desert dirt. Poor things.


This wind spinner shop was right on the main drag, so we passed it a million times.


Just had to take this picture of the zombie guy for Jacob.


Ahhh…now we’re talking.

Salted milk chocolate caramels…

and Honeycomb makes for one very happy me.


This pretty little nick-knack shop reminded me of the seaside shops at Redondo Beach when I was a kid. We could never find big pretty shells on the sand so my dad would take us in and let us buy one.


So each of the kids got a starfish…


and I got one exactly like I had as a little girl…

so everyone could hear the ocean right up close…


or wear it.

Either way.

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  1. I didn’t get to any of the antique shops so it’s fun that you were able to see them. We didn’t go to the outlets either, so I guess we’ll just have to go to the ones here. 😉

    I’m glad you got a picture of the LITTLE zombie because when you were telling me about it, I was imagining it LIFE SIZE! Ha ha ha!

    I LOVED the candy stores. How could I not? yUUUm!

    Oh and thanks for the starfish… Miss Chomp loved it!

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