Oregon– Things To Love

Too many to number to be honest…but just a few are:


A game of Mancala with breakfast.


A beautiful view from any direction.


Blowing bubbles in the ocean air.


Listening to the Bald Kid’s soothing music.


Braiding Kortney’s hair.


Peculiar seabirds just outside the window.


My incredible halibut dinner at Mo’s. MMmmmmmmmm!


A brother and sister who are such good friends.


A funny guy with a pet parrot.


Searching for the perfect seashell.


The Bald Kid’s pecular shoes drying on the porch.



What about you? What are you loving right this minute?

The Polar Plunge


This might look to you like a lovely summer evening by the beach…nice and warm and cozy. Ahhh, but you, my friends would be sadly mistaken. It was nice in town and in the house, but sincerely, down there by the water it was positively freezing. This is NOT SanDiego, or Florida or Hawaii.

This is Oregon and it’s a bit nippy out today.


And apparently, somebody let the crazy guys out.

Oregon~A Cheesy Day

This was my pretty little room for the vacation. It was wonderful to wake up in cozy room with a hand made quilt on the bed. How’d they know we loved such things–and even in pink?

After breakfast, we hopped in the cars and headed out to the farm country. This reminds me of the Mother Goose rhyme~

One misty, moisty morning, when cloudy was the weather, I chanced to meet and old man clothed all in leather…”


As soon as we got closer to our destination, more and more fields of cows appeared. Yes, I know there are only a couple in this picture, but that’s because we were going really fast and all the other cow picture were blurry. Totally not my fault.


At last, at last! The cheese capitol of our own little world!

What a cute little farmer and his pretty little cow.


I took close up pictures of all the fun facts about cows and farming and cheese…just so I could read them and remember them later. I know, but it’s just the kind of nerd I am.

Dang fun to watch the cheese processing stuff…


and see alllll that cheese moving along the conveyor belts.


Those might not look like much but the blocks are actually HUGE. Don’t believe me?


 Well I can prove it! These blocks weigh about 20 pounds!

Next, downstairs to the taste testing area. I even tasted the kinds with peppers in it. It was a brave day.

Ice cream an important part of your healthy day.


Our great huge purchase from the cheese shop. YUM!

It was wonderful I tell you.

A Teeny Tiny Football Day

Our house was waaaay up from the beach so when I watched these guys doing that which they always do–throwing a football–they were so far away that I could barely see who was who. After zooming in and cropping, this is what we get…that is until the Bald Kid went behind the cliff and I couldn’t see him anymore.

Maybe if you scroll through fast, it will look like a flip book or something.

No matter where we go,

or how long they’ve been apart…

some things…

between these boys…





Oh, how I love them.


Out and About


We could only stay indoors so long, and quickly found that the weather was much nicer in town than down on the shore. Which means an afternoon of shopping was in order. Heh, heh…


Jillian and I went to the antique shop…first thing. I found an old brass key and a photo of a baby that I wanted. But in the end, I behaved myself and put them back. The Bald Kid found a Batman set of figures from an ancient day. He was in heaven and bought it right up.

Everyone pretty much went their own way on our day out, but we magically kept bumping into the most peculiar people here and there.


Jillian needed a hoodie for the beach so we came here to look. I stayed in the car where I belonged. Unless I have unlimited spending money, I find that outlet shopping is too frustrating. So I sit and crochet and leave the incredible deals to the younger set…with the younger knees.


Loving the beautiful roses that thrive in the wet air here. My roses back home are very, very unhappy right now with their dry desert dirt. Poor things.


This wind spinner shop was right on the main drag, so we passed it a million times.


Just had to take this picture of the zombie guy for Jacob.


Ahhh…now we’re talking.

Salted milk chocolate caramels…

and Honeycomb makes for one very happy me.


This pretty little nick-knack shop reminded me of the seaside shops at Redondo Beach when I was a kid. We could never find big pretty shells on the sand so my dad would take us in and let us buy one.


So each of the kids got a starfish…


and I got one exactly like I had as a little girl…

so everyone could hear the ocean right up close…


or wear it.

Either way.