Oregon~A Cheesy Day

This was my pretty little room for the vacation. It was wonderful to wake up in cozy room with a hand made quilt on the bed. How’d they know we loved such things–and even in pink?

After breakfast, we hopped in the cars and headed out to the farm country. This reminds me of the Mother Goose rhyme~

One misty, moisty morning, when cloudy was the weather, I chanced to meet and old man clothed all in leather…”


As soon as we got closer to our destination, more and more fields of cows appeared. Yes, I know there are only a couple in this picture, but that’s because we were going really fast and all the other cow picture were blurry. Totally not my fault.


At last, at last! The cheese capitol of our own little world!

What a cute little farmer and his pretty little cow.


I took close up pictures of all the fun facts about cows and farming and cheese…just so I could read them and remember them later. I know, but it’s just the kind of nerd I am.

Dang fun to watch the cheese processing stuff…


and see alllll that cheese moving along the conveyor belts.


Those might not look like much but the blocks are actually HUGE. Don’t believe me?


 Well I can prove it! These blocks weigh about 20 pounds!

Next, downstairs to the taste testing area. I even tasted the kinds with peppers in it. It was a brave day.

Ice cream an important part of your healthy day.


Our great huge purchase from the cheese shop. YUM!

It was wonderful I tell you.

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