Mother’s Day Love

Mother’s Day, in this neck of the woods–was filled with so many wonderful things, from each of those incredible people that I love…with all my heart. First, my darlings–whisked us all away to a vacation home in Park City to spend the weekend–Heavenly!! More about that…soon.

But the other gifts of love seemed to just keep coming.

Flowers–this mother loves flowers, and so they even came in my favorite color.

This gorgeous Willow Tree figurine called “Happiness.” Who wouldn’t be happy with sweet little birdies following you around?

The manuscript of my very first book–retyped into the computer and all ready to publish on Kindle–very soon. I’m SOooo excited!

A beautiful fairy flower wind chime to hang on my bed–because wind chimes sound like fairies to me. And perhaps you already know how I feel about fairies.

A Thor doll. Wow. I’m totally in love with him. Thor. The real one.

Pink mini roses, to go in between the two big bushes outside my bedroom window…as they should, so I can see them every day.

Blueberry everything because blueberry is the best, and a gift card to see the Avengers with someone who hasn’t already seen it…if there is anyone.

Lastly, a Skype call with my sweet faraway boy in Siberia.

There has never been a better day!

What a wonderful world it is to be surrounded by the ones I love, not only because they are mine-mine-mine, but also because they are and have always been my very best and dearest friends. Oh, I am so blessed!

I hope your Mother’s Day was the best kind of beautiful my friends. :}

Thanks April, Jacob, Lyndi, Nate, Jillian, Josh, Dane, Kortney, Emily and Rhen. I love you.

6 Replies to “Mother’s Day Love”

  1. what an amazing weekend you had! Very excited about your book- I have great nieces that have kindles-you will have to let me know when its available to purchase!

  2. I want to see Avengers too! 😀 More importantly though, I’m so SO so glad that you had a great Mother’s Day! I love you lots and I feel extremely blessed to have you for my Mom!

  3. LAUNI!!! A book??? I had no idea that you were an author!! SO VERY EXCITED for you! Congratulations!

  4. Thanks… 😳
    I actually have 11 books for middle grade readers that were written when I was just a young pup. We’ve decided to give them a new life on Kindle. :}

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