The Fairy World

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a thing for fairies. I love the magic of them, the fluttering, the sparkle, the pointy toes, the wings–all of it. So for Christmas one year, my daughter Lyndi gave me a Hallmark Flower Fairy. This one is the Marigold Fairy.

At the time, I had no idea that there’d be a new one each year. This is the Bluebell Fairy.

I have them hanging–each one, from a tiny piece of embroidery floss on the canopy of my bed. They just kind of float there and when the window is open, or the cool air comes on, they flutter just enough to look like they’re…

real.  This is the Rose Fairy.

Yes, I know–this little soul is missing something. Miraculously, she escaped one day and had a lovely time playing with a human child, and it cost her her wings. She doesn’t look too unhappy about her plight. This is the Lily Fairy.

In all the years since we started collecting, we’ve only missed one–the Pansy Fairy. There must have been something big going on that Christmas. I’ve seen her on line, but she’s become a collector’s item, so, well…yeah…we won’t be getting that one. :}

This is the Poinsetta Fairy.

Here are my newest ones. This is the little Mistletoe Fairy and she’s blowing a kiss to…

her little sweetheart. He is the Holly Fairy. I’m not sure how long Hallmark will keep it up, but I’m game if they are. These little guys make me think of Scotland and Ireland where they pretty much take for granted that fairies are still hiding out in the woods. I love that. Probably, I should just move there and find a little thatched roof cottage by a brook where I can put out fairy cakes and berries in little tiny teacups. Then I’d just sit by the window and wait. After all this time, it’s still true.

I do believe in fairies.

4 Replies to “The Fairy World”

  1. You are so cute. She’s a million dollars by now…silly thing. We could go to Scotland and dig up a real one for that price. Heyyyy…now there’s an idea!

  2. I love how everyone enjoys different things! You love of fairies makes it easy and fun to shop for you! 😀

    Now… about that Pansy Fairy; she was #2 in the series that I don’t think I realized even WAS a series until the next year. Now we’re on the look out for that elusive chicky alright. We’ll get her! 😉

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