Things That Make Me Smile

That big bright Super-moon that we saw ultra-up-close the other night. We stood out on the deck and stared at it for 20 minutes–just so we could say we did it.

The very first lilac rose of the year–pretty little shy thing. I almost didn’t see it all hidden away in the back there.

The garden all tilled and ready to plant–later this week…I hope. It’s an odd thing to have both my boys gone now. I keep waiting for my “garden army” to show up and get it all planted…but alas. I may just be on my own this time around. Even so, there’s something so full of promise about a garden ready to plant.

He-man…fast asleep…wherever I am…again…

with his sister She-ra Princess of Power. Or so they think.

That funny little plant that the Bald Kid named “Pandora” before he left. You may recall that it actually died once and came back to life unexpectedly. Crazy cool thing.

A well placed stained glass birdy of some sort, shining and catching the light in my window. Finch, I think.

A brave little strawberry that’s just barely poking it’s head out. Hide all you like–Miss Chompy will find you. :}

A new project that will eventually entertain the little, soon-to-be-grabbing fingers that we have around here.

The sleepy bit of pixie dust that is ours to hold and bounce and pat and kiss…as long as he’ll let us. Hopefully that’s a long, long time.

What makes you smile on this lovely Wednesday?

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  1. You know… there are things on your list that make me smile too! πŸ˜‰ Besides those things… I’m pretty happy about upcoming holidays and other adventures. I’m loving the sunshine and the promise of warm days, snow cones and Farmer’s Markets! πŸ˜€

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