Mother’s Day Getaway~ 4

Day 2

The perfect Mother’s Day Getaway weekend began…

with lots of worker bees in the kitchen making a lovely breakfast.

A little lady-bug even showed up to help…

and of course, eat.





What a blessing…

to just be together…

to relax…

and play…

and wait–

for the best part of allllll!!

Our SKYPE call with my Siberia boy. To see that sweet boy and to hear that incredible laugh again…

And to have Daney there as well was a huge plus. Ahhh…it was all soooo good for this mama heart.

In fact, I just may survive until the next call…at Christmas.



5 Replies to “Mother’s Day Getaway~ 4”

  1. I think I am in love with that kitchen. So so fun! He looks so good! What a great day for you!

  2. Ok..That is the CUTEST picture of Rhen EVER!! Haha! Glad you got to see him. Sounds like such a fun trip.

  3. OH, yeah. Stainless steel everything. It was beautiful. And a double oven that wasn’t under the stove top so I thought for a minute that there wasn’t an oven at all. Yeah…there were two.

  4. Yeah, that’s always the best thing–listening to his laugh. And oh, my he laughed his head off–at the kids and the stories and the new people in our family. He loved it all and it just made us so happy to share everything with him. :}

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