Minty Lace

100 Happy Days #5


At it again, I’m afraid.


This pattern–that you may remember from a few weeks back, was just too much fun.


It’s the perfect pattern to work in front of a movie or to ease a few more rows in before bedtime.


So soothing and nice that I actually offered to make one for my sweet little expectant niece. Yep…offered.

She wanted a cool, springy mint color for this little girlie who was due in three weeks.


Well, I finally finished it the other night and folded it up to wait.

She must have heard that her soft, fluffy blankie was ready and decided to come try it out.

New sweetheart–born just yesterday. Welcome, little one. 

Makes us all very happy indeed.

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  1. Awww… that’s the perfect thing to snuggle a new baby in! You’re generous and good at sharing your talents. 🙂

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