March Sunflower

Some of my kids think that if I start posting silly things like potholders on my blogsite–it will peg me as an old chick…like maybe a grama-type…and maybe that’s not perceived as very cool these days.

Welllll…I think there are plenty of good reasons to do it anyway.

First, unless you like steaming your fingers off, we all use potholders–right?

Second, if you know how to crochet*, you know potholders are really easy to make–for yourself or for a gift. And they might as well be cute—right?

Third—and my own personal favorite reason…are you ready?Β  At my last birthday–the cake said, “50” so you can decide for yourself how “old” that makes me. And thanks to my cute daughters–I AM A GRAMA-TYPE! So, now and then, I suppose it’s ok if I act like one. heh, heh, heh.

That said, I will add this timely disclaimer: While I am all in favor of the monthly themed hotpad on my blog–I utterly refuse to post anything made with an old plastic doll head and a Clorox bottle. It creeps me out—always has.

I will never be that old.

March Sunflower Potholder




Happy Birthday Jesse!

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  1. It doesn’t make you seem old. I crocheted and if I did it as well as you do, I would post my creations on my blog too. πŸ™‚

  2. Yah… Happy Birthday guys! Hope you both have a fun day!

    I like that you can crochet sooo many different things, Mom!!! You’re great!!! I agree with you about staying away from the clorox dolls too… we’ll ALL be better off!

  3. That’s sweet of you to remember Jesse’s birthday – I’ll be sure to show him this post!!!

    I agree with the clorox bottle dolls — ewww!!! You should have seen what someone made us for our wedding!!! It was some wierd doll thing that held plastic utensils!!! Way wierd!!!

  4. Hey!! That was from me. RUDE!! Okay.. so I’m kidding. Well, I love your potholders. You should put something inside them to not let your hand get burned, then double them up. Mine that have been crocheted (we got them as a gift) burned me when I used them so I don’t use them. πŸ™ They’re cute though. If they didn’t burn me I’d use them more. Keep up all the fun projects!! πŸ™‚

  5. When she made me some she put padding inside them, wrks like a charm! πŸ™‚ Good suggestion Trace!

  6. Hey I think you should have Lyle the Kindly Viking as your mascot Mom. He makes potholders too πŸ™‚

    Happy birthday Jess and Sister Fisher!

  7. Whoa nelly! That’s my face up there! Thanks for the birthday wishes. It’s been a crazy one. So much to update you on. Sure wish life didn’t have so much drama going on. We’ll chat soon cute friend of mine.

  8. Hello,Thankyou for your blog.I have recently found it and love it.
    I do love your March sunflower potholder.
    I have clicked on the link for the pattern,however it is not there.Would you mind sending me a pattern please?

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