Culinary Bravery

Update continued…

New Year’s Goal #5– “I will try one new recipe each month, perhaps– even out of my incredibly narrow comfort zone.”

Perhaps you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve been working hard on this one. It’s turned out more like trying a new recipe 4 or 5 times a month—so I can post something weekly…here. As far as the comfort zone goes–I wouldn’t hold my breath for fried squid or artichoke heart casserole or anything, but I have been a pretty good sport about trying the restaurant recipes…and once in a while, something with evil nuts in it. So, though you may not see it–I am very brave.

I’ll prove it.

See below…

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  1. I have been saving recipes for-e-ver… but do I use them?!? NO!!! What the heck am I thinking?!? Guess we’ll have to do them together!

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