Learning Styles and Approaches

A week and a half ago, our family got together to listen to General Conference–a two day, five session set of televised religious, faith promoting meetings that we look forward to every 6 months. This time, as we watched and listened, I got a kick out of the different ways each family member collected and absorbed the information. All of us in the same room–but everyone so unique and learning in their own way.

Some took notes on a pad of paper.

Some jotted down quotes and looked up scriptures on their Iphones.

Some collected good thoughts in their journals.

Some worked on their…ahem…72 hr. kits.

And some chose to…ummm…meditate…throughout…sort of.ย  :}

All my babies–nearly–and all their babies, bundled together in one room, makes it all work for me.

Well, that…and a ball of lilac yarn.


7 Replies to “Learning Styles and Approaches”

  1. I take notes in my journal. I think I had my eyes closed…meditating…for a few speakers. Their voices are very soothing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Next time, we’ll send one of OUR noise makers over. Lily might sleep (I mean meditate!) through it–but I promise, no one else will! :}

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more. There is just something about being all together for conference that really makes me feel all amazed!! Love your pictures.

  4. It helps me to focus when I’m writing down notes… but I never really go back and look at then as much as I should. I love that the talks come out in the Ensign magazine. I want to read through them and see what I missed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. wow, look at Lilly’s sleeping position–still comfortable with that back arched position she was in in utero–not quite as extreme, but still there for her.
    visit you almost daily for a sense of normalcy. back tothe hosue to continue the salvage process, dirty work and a million decisions. hope to finish up tomorrow, but may not, as everything takes longer than you think it will. demolition will begin the end of this week or next week….
    love ya, jen

  6. I have used the notes I’ve taken when I’m teaching sometimes. It helps to remember who said something you wanted to remember–rather than having to search through the whole conference report.

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