Judgement Day Lightning Fest

Remember last week–when we had that eerie, yellow sky?

Wellll, just a few days after that we were landed on with a whole 2 hours of this.

No lie. It started at about 4am–and promptly woke all the grown-ups in the building.  There was absolutely no point in staying in bed–we were all awake. So when Lyndi came in my room and said, “Dude! Are you hearing this?” we all jumped up and ran out to the porch to watch the show.

Oh, it was so much more than your average thunderstorm. In fact, on the heels of the last odd weather–this one brought up the “End of the World” conversations again.

We can’t help it…we’re kinda like that.

It was loud and crashing and beautiful and wet.

But we’re sturdy mountain folk and a little rain–ok, a lot of rain–doesn’t scare us.


Welllll…not most of us.

Little Miss Jiffy Chicken Liver would only watch from the window.

Shameful coward.

7 Replies to “Judgement Day Lightning Fest”

  1. SOOO crazy! We had more lightning those few days than we’ve had in the last couple of years! Nature is awesome and Heavenly Father is AMAZING! 😀 I’m glad Baby Chomp wasn’t freaked out more than she was! Oh and Kali is SOOO good! She almost makes me want to stop taking pictures and just look at hers! 😉 Ha ha ha!

  2. That happened the night before we went to Lagoon. We kept praying it would stop so it wouldn’t ruin Mandy’s wedding activities. Only one of my children woke up because of it.

  3. Love the lightening show. In our house, the girls hide under the table. We would never get them to go outside and watch!!! They saw lightening hit the trailer next door and that did it for them. Now it is all about where to hide!

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