Indian Corn Thingy

A dip 083

Many moons ago…


…those three little crack pots on the right (Daney boy, cousin Tim and the Bald kid) were truly, madly deeply in love with Cub Scouts and…Pony Beads.


Every time I turned around, someone had left another Pony Bead Gekko in some unsuspected place as a surprise gift from the little boy heart. Seriously, I could have made a skirt—a very heavy, beaded gecko skirt, but you get my point.

glitter pony beads

Well, the other day, while the Bald Kid and I were cleaning closets and sorting boxes we came across the coveted “Box O Beads.”

I said, “Hey. You should make me a Pony Bead Gecko–for old time’s sake.”

He said, “I don’t think so.”

So I snagged those beads and messed with them for a while. They were surprisingly fun to play with.

Look what happened…

A dip 054

A dip 059

A dip 061

I call it the “Indian Corn Pony Bead Thing.” I was going to put a pin on the back and wear it around but I was afraid people would ask me if I was supporting some kind of “save the corn” cause. Plus it made me feel old…er. So I’ve decided to put a cord on it and hang it from my car mirror.

It’s cute. It’s easy to make. It’s Thanksgiving-y.

And just think…if I get really good at these–I can make you a skirt!


6 Replies to “Indian Corn Thingy”

  1. Oh the memories. I love those beads. My son made lots of those geckos too. Bald guy should make them again. Being child like brings you joy and makes ya smile. You are creative. I like the beady thingy.

  2. So fun! My brother’s were out of that phase before I was old enough to know any better. I think I might have to pick some up so we can play with them at my house.

  3. I hope you do it. I was kinda surprised at how fun it was to just play with them. Just goes to show that everybody needs to play sometimes. Of course, we do more than our share of that!

  4. Geckos are neat but there are other really neat little animals you can make with pony beads. I would love to see a picture of Bald Guy making a gecko the size of an armadillo. I dare you Bald Guy!

  5. I love these things. I don’t know what is is… those little geckos make my heart happy!!! I don’t know what I would do with them… but I should make some!

    Armadillo-sized gecko… nice… do it Bald Guy!!! 😉

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